What is it that sets our custom wallpapers and wall hung graphics apart from the rest? What does Sean Howard Productions have that the others don't ? The answers to these questions can be found in the way our wall coverings are produced as well as in how they are installed.

While many custom printers rely upon offset, web-press, or photo processes to produce their products, we make use of the ever evolving technology of thermal ink printing. With thermal ink printing we are able to send graphic files directly to the printer thus forgoing the set up required of other printing processes. This saves time and money but it also saves our environment because we don't use any of the chemical associated with creating plates or screens nor do we create the amount of waste produced with other printing processes.

So why doesn't everyone use the photo quality capabilities of thermal ink printing to produce their custom wall paper? The fact is that some do. What sets us apart is the media we print on as well as the sealing process we use to prepare our prints for installation. The media we print on meets the ASTM 793 standard for commercial wallcovering and we use a clear liquid sealer that we use conforms to ASTM D-4236. Many professional printers use a laminating method to seal their prints. Though this method is durable these prints have the look and feel of plastic. Our proprietary process incorporates liquid sealers that bond our inks to the paper. This process allows our prints to have the durability found with laminating yet retain the crisp clarity found in convention wall paper. It is our sealing process combined with the right media that creates a wall covering that is installed with the same techniques used with commercial vinyl. Your installers can use a gluing machine or hand glue our wall covering, the seams are overlapped and double cut which delivers a seamless application, and once installed you can clean your wall with most home cleaning solutions.

If your looking for a custom wall paper that not only looks great but looks great installed Sean Howard Productions should be your first and only choice.